Republic Indemnity's Strengths In Claims Management
At Republic Indemnity, our underlying strength in Claims management rests on creating an ongoing partnership with our producers and policyholders, who are the backbone of our business. Building on this foundation, we are able to:
  • Offer a range of policyholder services to assist the employer in creating a safe workplace and preventing claims;

  • Ensure the compensability of reported claims by working with our policyholders to properly investigate all claims and identify potential claims that may be non-industrial or fraudulent; and

  • Efficiently manage both the medical cost and the indemnity cost of our claims. Though the two components are closely related, special knowledge and technical skills apply to each. These skills add up to lower your overall claims costs.       

Republic Indemnity has developed a reputation for timely, efficient claims management, which translates into savings for our customers.
Assuring Compensability  
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Ongoing Partnership  
Republic Indemnity knows that its success rests on an ongoing partnership with its producers and more
Return to Work Program  
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