Our sole focus is workers’ compensation insurance.

We’ve been writing workers’ compensation insurance since 1972. We believe that by choosing to insure with us you have made a decision to invest in the continued success of your business.

On September 11, 2019, Republic Indemnity Company of America and Republic Indemnity Company of California’s rating “A” (Excellent) were reaffirmed by A.M. Best. Republic Indemnity Company of America and Republic Indemnity Company of California have been rated "A-" (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best for over 40 years.

Our employees are workers’ compensation insurance specialists who develop personal long-term relationships with our policyholders. The average employee tenure is 15 years and most have over 20 years’ experience in the workers’ compensation insurance industry.*

We provide service options the way you prefer. Depending upon your needs we will work with you in the following ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • In person
  • Internet
  • Mail

It’s easy and efficient to do business with us and we provide the support and information you need. Learn more about our:

Payment Options. We offer a variety of payment methods including electronic fund transfer and credit cards. Click here to learn more.

Efficient Claims Reporting. You can fax, phone, email, or file a claim online. Additional help is always available by phone. Click here for the appropriate claims forms for your state.

Loss Control Support. Our experts can work with you to reduce workplace illnesses and injuries. We also have a variety of resources, bulletins, posters, and programs that can help you and your employees create a safe workplace.

Fighting Fraud. Learn how you can detect and prevent fraud in your workplace.

Hot Topics. Stay informed about workers’ compensation insurance issues.


*As of February 2019