Report an Injury
For an employee, a job-related injury can range from a minor, temporary inconvenience to a major, life-changing event. Whatever its extent, the injury triggers several responses on the part of the employer, including the following:
  • Provide first aid treatment, when necessary;

  • Assess whether treatment beyond first aid is needed;

  • Exercise right of medical control when additional treatment is required and where statutes allow; and
  • Report all injuries requiring the assistance of a physician to Republic Indemnity.
First Aid

All claims involving a physician's services should be immediately reported to Republic Indemnity so that all claim resources are available to help minimize costs. In some states, including California, claim reporting is required by state law.

After a Claim Is Reported  
Upon receipt of a new claim, Republic Indemnity has an Immediate Contact Plan...
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How to Report a Claim  
Republic Indemnity provides the following convenient methods for employers to report a more